Algae Project at the "Pohlsche Heide"

The present project is based on the idea that nutritious waste water of the disposal center - essentially leachate of the landfill - can be utilized by generating additional biomass for a fermentation plant by means of algae farming and the simultaneously cleaning of the waste water.

At the TU Braunschweig it was possible to define optimization parameters for diverse algae and to estimate  rates of degradation and biomass generation. These experiences were canalized into the construction of the algae channel - in full knowledge that only short-therm studies have been run yet.
Based on the experiences in Braunschweig the algae channel has been constructed and set up in the beginning of September 2012. Since January 2013 it is fed with leachate and algae are bred. The first harvest of the algae took part in March 2013. The first results from the algae channel show that biomass was already generated. Also the experiments result significant insights about the viability of algae. The determination of the fittest types is pending.

The cleaning of leachate is also proven. So it succeeded to lower the ammonium content of the landfill leachate unter the detection level of the in laboratories used test methods and though to prove a crucial limiting parameter for the generation of biomass and the effect of waste water cleaning at the same time.

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